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Impact in Practice - News AI LaBs - 2023

AI-LaBs Pre-Lauching a Book AI 

Prof. Luiz Pinheiro and PhD Candidate Jeferson Freitas are pre-launching a book on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Business Administration.

The publication presents an overview of the use of AI in: 

The book is in pre-edition and will be published in mid-July/August. Get your version now by sending an email: luiz.junior@up.edu.br

16/may/2023 - Curitiba, Brazil.

AI-LaBs in Anpad Conference - ADI

Prof. Luiz Pinheiro was invited together with prof. Anatalia Ramos (UFRN) and prof. Marcelo Gonçalves (Mackenzie) to share a panel on the use of AI/ChatGPT in Management Research at the Anpad/ENADI Conference in 17/may at ESPM.

Initiatives used in classes and advisors in PPGs will be shared, as well as relevant tools for MSc & PhD learning in Business Administration.

13/may/2023 - Curitiba, Brazil.

AI-LaBs in Parana State - Education Department

Prof. Luiz Pinheiro and Prof. Kristian Capeline participated in a meeting with the Secretary of State for Education of Paraná - Roni Miranda. The agenda addressed partnerships between Positivo University as well as the possibility of training high school teachers and directors on the use of AI.

The meeting generated future agendas for training and possible education for directors/teachers with Head Laura of public schools in the ChatGPT tool.

12/may/2023 - Curitiba, Brazil.

AI-LaBs in Municipal Concil of Sci. Technology and Innovation

Prof. Luiz Pinheiro and Prof. Kristian Capeline were indicate to represent Positivo University at the Municipal Council of Science, Technology and Innovation (CMCTI) of the City of Curitiba. They were welcomed by colleagues, president Márcia Krama, Cris Alessi and Walmor Godoi.

It is relevant to emphasize that the concern with the advances of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the city of Curitiba was presented and the CMCTI Semester agenda was based on this demand 

27/april/2023 - Curitiba, Brazil.

Painelist on Workshop about AI in Business, Communication and Data

MSc. Candidate Kauana Yrina participated as a panelist in a Workshop on Artificial Intelligence (AI): Impacts in the areas of communication, business and data. 

The Workshop brought together more than +100 students from a university center and it was possible to discuss IA with local representatives about its impacts and relevance.

26/april/2023 - Curitiba, Brazil.

Workshop to the City Council of Curitiba

Parliamentary Front for Science, Technology and Innovation is interested in the topic Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT and the impacts on the public and educational sector.

The Workshop lasted more than 3 hours in the councilor's office and it was possible to demonstrate the concern of public managers with this new technology AI and what its impacts are mediated by prof. Kristian Capeline and prof. Luiz Pinheiro.

17/april/2023 - Curitiba, Brazil.

AI-LaBs researchers approve three papers at Anpad Conferences

In this month AI-LaBs researchers approve three papers at conferences on technology and business, and people management.

Master's Student Eunice approved her qualification proposal with a conceptual model of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

PhD Student Jeferson approved his proposal to review the literature on Artificial Intelligence - (AI) x Business Models developed in the course of quantitative methods.

MBA Alumni Juliane approved her final dissertation on a Quantitative Cluster Analysis of world sugar consumption compared to deaths from diabetes and HDI.

Congratulations to the researchers for the approved research and the EnADI and EnGPR conference in Sao Paulo, May 16-18, departed.

12/april/2023 - Curitiba, Brazil

IAX Conferencist in Sao Paulo National Conference

Professor Luiz Pinheiro was invited to present the Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives in Higher Education and what are its boundaries and demands. The workshop had the participation of other institutions and had partnerships with renowned speakers such as Walter Longo, Flavio Tavares, among others.

The link for presentation in workshop click in here.

11/april/2023 - Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Focus Group about AI with Innovation Heads in Curitiba City

MSc. Candidate Kauana Yrina and Prof. Dornelles participating in AI-LaBs invited 30 disruptive leaders from the city of Curitiba to discuss the theme: Ignorance of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The meeting was promoted during a lunch with the support of Innovation DNA and Condor Connect and was mediated by prof. Luiz Pinheiro

Learn more at the link click in here.

30/march/2023 - Curitiba, Brazil.

Mentoring Competition Startup AI in Tourism

Professor Luiz Pinheiro mentored CEO Jucelha Carvalho at Smart Tour Brazil, where he was runner-up in the national startup competition for smart cities. GovTech uses AI in Tourism and has an innovative solution implemented in expert artificial intelligence systems.

The link for youtube video is click in here.

21/march/2023 - Curitiba, Brazil.

AILaBs promote International Conference in Brazil - I3E CfP

In times of ChatGPT, AI, ESG and Sustainability, we brought to Curitiba the 22nd IFIP Conference on e-Business, e-Services, and e-Society at Ppgadm from Universidade Positivo, which will take place on November 9-11, 2023.

The theme is: New Sustainable Horizons for AI and Digital Solutions we ask you to share CfP IE32023!

Deadline: 10/June/2023

The Conference's Chairs are: Marijn Janssen, Luiz Pinheiro, Fernanda Frankenberger and Ricardo Monterrubio.

IFIP WG6.11 team: Yogesh Dwivedi, Ilias Pappas and Matti Mäntymäki.

Link more on the Website is: https://www.i3e2023.com 

2/march/2023 - Curitiba, Brazil.

Impact in Practice - News AI LaBs - 2022

AILaBs publicate the first article in EnAnpad Conference

Researchers Luiz Pinheiro & Cesar Torres published the first article developed in AiLaBs on artificial intelligence - AI in South America. A content analysis was carried out from government documents from countries that use AI, such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

The research brings a debate of the main models used in these countries, as well as reference documents that support this technology. It was possible, based on this information, to classify the countries in AI: Innovators, Followers and Traditionals.

The full publication is available at the ResearchGate Link.

16/august/2022 - Sao Paulo, Brazil.

AI-LaBs offer course on Digital Management and AI

Professor Luiz Pinheiro and the master's and doctoral students developed an MSc/PhD level course on Digital Management and Artificial Intelligence.

The course's approach was the debate on the impacts of AI on organizations, jobs and societies, changing sectors such as finance, health, recruitment, work, smart cities, logistics, e-commerce, mental health, diversity, among others.

The image shows the MSc/PhD students who took the course from August to December.

22/august/2022 - Curitiba, Brazil.

Papers Published

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in South America: An analysis of emerging government initiatives

Team: Pinheiro & Torres (2022)

Published: Anpad Conference - link

Goal: Mapping AI initiatives in Sout America Governments.


2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Health Startups: Opportunities and Challenges

Team: Bonde, Alcantara, Daleffe, Tumelero & Pinheiro (2022)

Published: Contecsi Conference - link

Goal: Explore How Startups Can Entrepreneur with AI in Health.


3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Renewable Energy: A 2030 Research Agenda 

Team: Koren, Takeshi, Bonacin & Pinheiro (2022)

Published: Contecsi - Conference - link

Goal: Sistematic Literature Review (SLR) about AI and Renewable Energy.


4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its Influence at Work: A Global Perspective

Team: Rodrigues e Pinheiro (2022)

Published:  Contecsi - Conference

Goal: Sistematic Literature Review (SLR) about AI and Work/Jobs.


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