Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Business

We are artificial intelligence (AI) researchers with an impact on public and private sector. We to understand how AI will change personal, behavioral and future work relationships in the business. Our research is centered on: AI-Map, AI-Obs, AI-Cases, AI-Business, AI-Gov, AI-Health and AI-Sustainability.

We are currently hosted at the Business School of Universidade Positivo (BSUP) working with Bachelor's and MBA students. We also have researchers from the Postgraduate Program in Administration (PPGA); Master of Science (MSc), Doctorate (PhD) and professor's from other Schools/Departments. Also, we have the participation of invited professor's/researchers annually.

Interested in researching with us? Contact me: luiz.junior@up.edu.br


Head - AI Labs

Prof. Dr. Luiz "Pinheiro"

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E-mail: luiz.junior@up.edu.br

Bio: PhD in Business Administration with expertise research in Management Information Systems (MIS), Digital Transformation (DT) and Artificial Intelligence. Assistant Professor in Business School at Positivo University in tracks/courses: Digital Business and Quantitative Methods. Conferencist in Information Systems (IS) and Reviser in Conferences and Journals in the United States, Europe and Latin America.

Time of Job Experience: 84 months / Academic: 84 months

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