AI-Map/Literature: Observatory on AI

On this page we present the mappings that we currently identify in the literature and in the market on the use of AI. This mapping is investigated and periodically updated by AI-Labs researchers.

In addition, we share images of events we attend or attend where there are presentations focused on the use of AI in South America.

AI - Books Recomended

Book: Competing in the Age of AI (2020)

Authors: Marco Iansiti & Karim Lakhani (Harvard Business School)

Link Amazon

Book: AI - Super Powers (2018)

Author: Kai-Fu Lee (Microsoft and Google)

Columbia University (B.S.) Carnegie Mellon University (Ph.D.)

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AI - Types

Types of AI (Prof. Ricardo Matheus, 2020)

  1. Statistic

  2. ML - Predict Decision

  3. Speech - Voice

  4. IR - Image Recgonition

  5. RPA - Robotic Process Auto

  6. ANN - Neural Networks

  7. SA - Sentiment Analysis

  8. NLP - Natural Language

  9. DL - Deep Learning